Optical networks department

Department provides

  • research and application of its results within the project: Large infrastructure CESNET
  • research under institutional support for long-term conceptual development of CESNET
  • participation in international and other research projects
  • application of the research results in practice

in folowing fields

  • research of principles and technological trends of optical network design and architecture
  • applied research, development and testing of photonic devices for optical networking
  • operation of an Optical laboratory and joint projects with industry
  • research of application of fully optical functions in experimental environment and communication infrastructure
  • research and design of innovative concepts CEF networks, photonic services, lambda services
  • participation in GOLE and GLIF, Future Internet and other similar initiatives
  • optimization of solutions of fiber infrastructure, lighted fibers rental, CBF and foreign connectivity from technical and economic point of view

Services provided by the department

  • finding out availability of the fibres
  • consultations on lighting the fibres
  • consultations on solutions of nonstandard transmissions
  • designing and projecting single-fibre or fibre-pair line lighting
  • tests and measurements in the laboratories
  • leasing network devices and testing equipment
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